Lehigh among best at Northeastern Student Poster Competition

The Catalysis Club of Philadelphia held its annual northeastern student poster competition on Oct. 24, 2013. Graduate students involved in catalysis research from U. Pennsylvania, U. Delaware, U. Virginia, U. Connecticut and Lehigh University participated.

The poster selected as best was given to Mr. Jesse R. McManus from U. Pennsylvania. Two Lehigh graduate students were tied for 2nd place. Ms. Yadan Tang (Department of Chemistry) and Mr. Chris Keturakis (Department of Chemical Engineering), both supervised by Professor Israel E. Wachs (Snyder Professor of Chemical Engineering). Ms. Tang's presentation was entitled "An Operando Molecular Spectroscopy and DFT Calculation Investigation of Methane Aromatization by Supported Mo/SM-5 Catalysts." Mr. Keturakis' presentation was entitled "Operando Molecular Spectroscopy during Catalytic Biomass Pyrolysis." The presentations created much interest to the participants from industry and academia.