Dr. Israel Wachs, G. Whitney Snyder Professor of Chemical Engineering, gives invited lecture at the Chemical Heritage Foundation and the Telluride Research Science Conference


The Chemical Heritage Foundation (Philadelphia, PA) held its 10th Annual Innovation Day symposium (sept. 16/17). The CHF is a collections-based nonprofit organization that preserves the history and heritage of chemistry, chemical engineering, and related sciences and technologies. Professor Israel E. Wachs, Department of Chemical Engineering, Lehigh University, was invited to make a presentation entitled "Conversion of Methane by Mo/ZSM-5 catalysts to Aromatic Liquids" in the session entitled "Direct Conversion of Natural Gas to Liquids."

Also, at the recent Telluride Research Science Conference on "Theory and Practice of Catalysis" held during the week of July 29-August 2, he presented an invited lecture entitled ""Conversion of Methane by Mo/ZSM-5 catalysts to Liquid Aromatics"

Dr. Wachs also delivered lectures recently on the topic of "Fundamental Surface Analysis of Mixed Oxide and Oxynitride Water Splitting Photocatalysts" at the Department of Chemistry, Bochum University, Bochum; the German Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion, Mulheim (both in Germany) and the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, ETH, Zurich.