Vanadium Oxide catalysis work from the group of Professor Israel E. Wachs featured on the cover page of Dalton Transactions.

An upcoming special issue of the Royal Chemistry Society journal Dalton Transactions will feature the work of Professor Israel E. Wachs and his group on the cover page of a special issue of this journal.

This special issue feature a perspective article by Professor Wachs on oxidative catalysis by vanadium oxide catalysts, including vanadium oxides supported on other oxides, such as Al2O3, SiO2 and TiO2.
The review describes the properties of these catalytic materials, including their molecular and electronic structure, their surface chemistry and any associated structure– activity relationships. Because the surface chemistry and reactivity studies show that the vanadium sites are the catalytically active sites and vanadium is very sensitive to its environment, studies confirm that a solid oxide support for the vanadia catalysts can enhance the redox properties of the catalyst by a factor up to 1000. This finding demonstrates that the principles of coordination chemistry apply even to a more complex solid state-surface system, which has many components.