Snyder selected as the CAST Division's 2010 W. David Smith, Jr. Awardee

Professor Mark Snyder, the P.C. Rossin Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, has received the CAST Division's 2010 W. David Smith, Jr. Graduate Publication Award based on his 2003 work "Mesoscopic Modeling of Transport and Reaction in Microporous Crystalline Membranes" [Chem. Engr. Sci. 58 (3-6) 895-901] with his doctoral advisor, Dion Vlachos (Univ. of Delaware, Dept. of Chemical Engineering), and their collaborator, Markos Katsoulakis, (Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics). The award recognizes this work as a foundational computational contribution to the fields of membrane science and multiscale modeling. This work was also recognized with a Chemical Engineering Science Most Cited 2003-2006 Paper Award. See the college article here.