Polymer Nanocomposites Conference 2009 Poster Competition

There were ten posters on nano topics submitted by graduate students to be judged by the attendees for possible prizes. One student was from Penn State University, and the other nine were from Lehigh University. While all the posters were really outstanding, the attendees did pick the winners after looking at the posters and interviewing the students. That process took some two hours of attendees crowding around the posters, reading and popping questions like crazy. The winners were as follows:

First Place: Jonathan Longley won $300 for a poster titled,
"Determination of the Elastic Moluli of Sol-Gel Films Using the Method of Buckling Instability."

Second Place: Shilpi Vajpayee won $200 for "Adhesion Study of a Film-Terminated Fibrilar Interface."

Third Place: Zhipeng Song won $100 for "Seeded Dispersion Polymerization."

There were two honorable mentions: Lauren Bacigalupo for "Investigation of Plastic Zone Size in Rubber Toughened Epoxy Nanocomposites," and Peerapan Dittanet for "Effect of Nanosilica Particle Size on the Toughening Mechanisms in Ductile Epoxy Resins." These students won $50 each. ~ Les Sperling