The Chemical Engineering Graduate Association (ChEGA) is an organization created and run by the students of the Chemical Engineering department. ChEGA serves the needs of the graduate students in the department and has been actively involved in organizing activities of both academic and social interest. Additionally, ChEGA assists incoming students and advises faculty on matters related to graduate student affairs.

The current ChEGA committee consists of seven office bearers and unofficial board members from the department's various research groups. ChEGA serves as the department's interface with the university's Graduate Student Council.

ChEGA plans and organizes a series of seminars for the Chemical Engineering graduate students each semester. To give graduate students an exposure to the research carried out in the Chemical Industry, ChEGA has organized trips to some neighboring chemical plants.

On the social front, ChEGA organizes a welcoming picnic for the new graduate students each semester, as well as farewell and graduation receptions. ChEGA also organizes the department's intramural activities, which include ping pong and softball (ChEGA even maintains its own ping pong table!) Similarly, ChEGA regularly plans and conducts other outside events, such as hiking and canoe trips.